Our philosophy

Our philosophy can be summed up well in one sentence: We want to create products with a sense for the senses.
In doing so, it is especially important for us to transport the cozy feeling of home. The combination of functionality and beauty should accompany you in everyday life, relax, inspire and revitalize. In addition to the feel-good aspect that we want to convey through our products, high-quality work is our top priority.

However, nụlọ does not only mean home to us, it also stands for functionality, originality and sustainability. Values and guidelines that are also important to us in the production of our scented candles. We are very concerned about our environment and wanted to create something beautiful and functional at the same time sustainable in times of throwaway society.

Manufacture by the finest handwork

Our four scented candles are not produced in a mass production, but by qualitative handwork. To support the regional market and additionally produce high-quality goods, we rely on a sustainable candle manufactory in Berlin, which uses vegan products. Our scented candles are made from rapeseed wax, which means that we do not use environmentally harmful substances. So they burn climate-neutral and without throwing off pollutants.
However, we focus not only on sustainability, regionality and well-being, but also on the health aspect. Which is why nụlọ uses essential oils and processes natural materials. For this purpose, an aromatherapist was specially consulted in the creation of the scents. In collaboration, our four scented candles were created, which are intended to support and facilitate our customers in everyday life with the help of aromatherapy approaches.

In our products you will find many different ingredients from nature, which are supposed to stimulate, calm, refresh and activate body and mind. What are the benefits of the different ingredients and which nụlọ scented candle suits you, you can read here.