nụlọ Scented Candles

in 4 different scent compositions

nụlọ scent collection

all 4 scents in one set
Sandalwood | Cedarwood | Lavender | Patchouli | Ylang Ylang

nụlọ 1 Ọkụ

Juniper Wood | Patchouli | Vetiver | Pine

nụlọ 2 Ụwa

Ho wood | Melissa | Petit Grain | Bergamot

nụlọ 3 Ikuku

Silver fir | Ho wood | Bergamot

nụlọ 4 Mmiri

About nụlọ

Learn more about nụlọ and our story

This is nụlọ, these are our values

with 100% natural,

Rapeseed wax -
renewable, natural,
vegan and free of harmful substances

100% vegan -
no animal substances,
sustainable and regional

No animal testing -
we will never offer products that are tested on animals

Our flavors -
Made from 100% renewable raw materials

slightly glowing wood wick made of natural birch wood veneer

From the people
From the people
There are three things I need to relax after a long day at work: a good book, a delicious tea and of course my nụlọ.
— Bea