About nụlọ

nụlọ means home.

nụlọ comes from the Nigerian language Igbo [ˈiːɡbo] and means home.
But what exactly does one define as home anyway? For most of us, it sidn't just our own four walls. Because a home can be much more than that. It may be a person you are close to, a feeling of safety, a moment of happiness, or a smell that inspires confidence and a sense of well-being in you. It may also evoke a fond memory. After all, the sense of smell is the only direct access to our feelings and memories.

This is exactly where we want to start with nụlọ and give you a feeling of home, no matter where you are. We want to create something holistic for our customers in good times and in difficult times. In doing so, our various nụlọ candles are a timeless and high-quality product that can turn any place into a home. We believe that a scented candle is just right for this.

Not just scented candles

Since ancient times, fire has been used to create warmth. The glow of a candle not only illuminates the room, it gives a sense of safety and well-being. These functional aspects combined with an aesthetic design are, among other things, what makes our nụlọ products.

Instead of a cotton wick, which is common for scented candles, we use a wooden wick for nụlọ. This not only looks better and does not need to be shortened, it additionally supports the release of the essential oils. Unlike a cotton wick, a wooden wick produces less intense heat, which means that the oils used do not simply burn. Instead, they have the opportunity to unfold freely.

Who we are

Behind nụlọ are we, Francis and Robin. Two friends who, after nine years of working together at a successful company in Berlin, decided to go new ways. For both of us it is important to protect the environment and to create something with a sustainable view. We have always been fond of the symbiosis of beauty and meaning and therefore founded nụlọ.

However, we chose the name not only because the feeling of home was important to both of us. The connection to African culture came about through Francis. This is because his Nigerian roots taught him early on the value of community, hospitality, family, and respect for life as well as for the elderly. Values that are important to both of us and that we can unite with and want to represent nụlọ.